Wolf Rock Trip Report 2014

Generally, when a dive trip is cancelled due to bad weather, life as we know it for that weekend is over. For the whole weekend, the food doesn’t taste as good, dry humour turns in to dull humour, and the only reason to order a cold beer from the pub is purely out of angst and disappointment. On the other hand, even though the intended dives at Wolf Rock were cancelled on the last weekend of November due to a bad run of weather, a great group of Platinum members managed to absorb the most Rainbow Beach had to offer, besides being able to witness Grey Nurse Sharks in breeding season of course.


From hogging the pool table at the Rainbow Beach Tavern for hours of fun, to a dish specially requested to the head chef (which he was not only happy to prepare for us himself, but provided us with desert on the house- I guess that rum we shouted him went down smoothly!) Also, rather than sitting around and sulking quietly in the hours of daylight, we were fortunate enough to have some pretty decent daytime activities to keep ourselves occupied.

Anticipating the possibility of bad weather, Rachel Power and I took her ski boat up to Rainbow Beach to take the group out wakeboarding and tubing. Once we finally made it to our intended destination, after I personally got the Land Cruiser bogged in the sand, we ended up having a pretty good time out on the boat, along with the legendary barbequing skills of Gary Craig. By the way, there is no need to ask how I got the 4×4 stuck in the sand, it was clearly the sands fault, so with that all cleared up, there is no need to ask anyone else in the group about it.

A big shout out to Don Hepburn, who at the age of 69, managed to take on the surf mat at high speeds like an absolute champion. If you knew how fast he took some of the corners you would swear he wasn’t a day over 30.


Let’s hope with better luck next year, the Wolf Rock trip in November 2015 will be a thumbs up with the weather, and everyone will get the chance to see an abundance of Grey Nurse Sharks in their prime.


Chris Williams.