Vanuatu 2014 Trip Report

Volcanos, wreck diving and experiencing Flashlight Fish for the first time. What more can you ask for in a diving holiday?

A group of 9 divers were set to go to Vanuatu on a great diving holiday. Five of us departed on the 17th of October to see the most active volcano in the world, Mt Yasur. We travelled to the small island of Tanna. This part of the trip didn’t include any scuba diving however we got to do some amazing snorkelling while staying at the resort in Tanna. We travelled by 4WD to the volcano. We arrived at the base at about 5:30pm when it was still light. We sat on the edge of the volcano from about 5:45pm till 7pm. Words can’t describe this experience!!! To be a couple of hundred metres away from bubbling lava, steam and constant eruptions is an experience that will never be forgotten.


We then departed Tanna to travel to Espirutu Santo. We met the other four people in our group to start the scuba diving part of our holiday. We completed 7 dives on the U.S.S President Coolidge and one dive at Million Dollar Point. ‘The Coolidge’ is an enormous wreck. The amount of different dives you can do is phenomenal. We completed a night dive on the wreck and this to date is my favourite dive. You dive down with no torches on to the cargo hold and watch as countless green, bioluminescent Flashlight Fish swim around you. Million Dollar Point was a great dive as well. Although I would only do it once it was a dive that I think every diver should do. There is literally millions of dollars in military equipment that has been disposed of (unfortunately not in the correct manner).


I’d like to thank Angus, Alison, Carol, Dave, James, John, Peter and Seanna for making the trip unforgettable. This group were safe and very fun divers. I can’t wait to go on another trip with them!

Rob McKinnon

Trip Leader