I’d heard a lot of stories about how amazing Uepi Island Resort was, so I was very excited to travel to this special part of the world.

Uepi Island Resort is located on the Marovo Lagoon, which is a 60-minute plane flight from the capital of the Solomons, Honiara.

We landed on a grass air strip where a small boat was waiting to pick our group up. After a short 30-minute boat ride across the lagoon (very calm conditions) we arrived at Uepi Island Resort. Well, I certainly wasn’t let down! This has to be one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to.

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The coral reefs are pristine and the marine life is flourishing. Each boat trip to the dive sites ranges from 30 second to 5 minutes. The majority of dives are wall/ drift dives in 30 C water with 50+ metres visibility.

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The accommodation is clean and very comfortable. This resort holds a maximum of 20 guests so it feels like you’re the only person on the small Island.

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the trip was the food – ALL INCLUSIVE. Each morning you are treated to a continental breakfast followed by a selection of hot food. For lunch they bring a delicious tray of different foods to your room. For dinner it’s a banquet of some of the freshest foods (mainly seafood) I’ve ever tasted in my life! Don’t be concerned about going hungry!

To top the dive trip off was the staff. Husband and wife team Grant and Jill run a first-class operation with the help from their son, Jason. They have set it up so you receive all the modern comforts but still feel like you’re on a remote Island. The rest of the dive staff from the two villages are always happy, smiling and make you feel very welcome.

I’ve already started working with Dive Adventures to plan another trip to Uepi in 2015. This time I’ll bring a group of lucky Scuba World divers with me to experience one of the most amazing places in the world.

I will be showing a short video and lots more photos at this months social. I hope to see you there.

Rob McKinnon

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