Is TRUK Lagoon suitable for beginner divers? Mike McKinnon

I was lucky enough to be invited on a educational trip to Truk Lagoon in 2013. Everyone I spoke to before I left was saying its all deco diving, the dives are for advanced technical divers only, if you go inside you can get disoriented etc etc.


I went over there with a recreational set of equipment and dived on a single tank. The first dive was a checkout dive. The visibility was 30 meters and the water temp was 28 degrees. No currents, no swell, and virtually no wind. We descended the line, and inflated our BCs before we hit the deck level which was 18 meters. The soft corals on the wrecks are simply stunning. After a quick look around the main deck, we entered cargo hold one, it was a massive room with access through the roof and either sides (so becoming disorientated inside was simply not possible). From there we entered cargo hold 2, which could be accessed by swimming back out and over, or through a large opening aft of cargo hold one. We finished our dive around the ships masts (which were covered in beautiful soft corals) where we completed our 3 minute safety stop and then ascended.


Our dive profile was max depth 25 meters, with a 45 minute dive time.

Eight out of the ten dives I completed had a very similar profile. We did do a couple of deeper wrecks, however they are optional if you are a beginner.


Diving in Truk can be as advanced or as easy as you like. If you wish to go exploring with your buddy, then you can pick the deeper parts of the wrecks to dive on. If you wish to stay above the 30m recreational depth limit then there is still lots to see in that depth range.

If you are worried about diving beyond your ‘no decompression limits’ in Truk, then complete a Nitrox course before you leave. A standard 32% mix will increase your ‘no decompression limit’ by approx 20 minutes.


Regardless of what your have heard, or read about Truk Lagoon, I would check it out for yourself. You will be blown away by how much coral is on the wrecks. The small tropical fish encompass the wrecks, and you will find anything and everything from World War II. Torpedoes, machine gun shells, medicine bottles, telephones, plane engines, army tanks, trucks, land minds, Asahi beer bottles, gas masks, the list goes on and on….


I believe that beginner divers would love Truk Lagoon and feel more than comfortable diving there. Having your SSI Deep speciality would be an advantage, however it would not be mandatory.

I am running a trip there in June this year, and there are 3 spots remaining, i would love to show you how amazing Truk Lagoon is, i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Mike McKinnon