Training Dive Sites

Training Dive Sites

Scuba World is committed to creating the safest and most enjoyable training dive sites for your Technical Training. You have the choice to complete your training locally on the Sunshine Coast or travel overseas to a beautiful tropical location or combine the two and get the best of both worlds!

Local Dive Site: Sunshine Coast

Courses run on the Sunshine Coast:

  • GUE Fundamentals
  • Extended Range Nitrox
  • Advanced Wreck
  • 75% of Extended Range Limited Trimix (twin tanks)

The Sunshine Coast dive sites offer suitable training grounds for GUE fundamentals, Extended Range Nitrox, Advanced Wreck and part of the Extended Range Limited Trimix courses. They offer beautiful Coral Reefs and one of the top five dive sites in Australia the ‘ex-HMAS Brisbane’ wreck.

International Dive Sites*:

  • 2017 – President Coolidge, Vanuatu
  • 2018 – Truk Lagoon, Micronesia OR President Coolidge, Vanuatu
  • 2019 – Honiara, Solomon Islands OR President Coolidge, Vanuatu

*Scuba World will offer trips to the SS President Coolidge in Vanuatu every year and Scuba World will also choose one other dive site that is perfect for technical training.

Courses run overseas:

  • 25% of Extended Range Limited Trimix (twin tanks)

The Sunshine Coast doesn’t offer regular all weather diving for more advanced technical training courses. The weather and depth restrictions can be very challenging when trying to complete technical courses. Students will complete the theory and pool at Scuba World and then complete the required ocean dives on an international trip. The team at Scuba World select the perfect ‘technical’ training ground to complete the ocean dives overseas.