I have known Ian McKinnon for approximately 30 years having done scuba courses with the company as a student, taught combined dive leadership courses with them, competed on a retail basis when they had an outlet in Brisbane, serviced their account as a wholesaler to their retail business and provided them with membership services through SSI, Dive QLD and AMPTO.

I have a very good understanding of Scuba World’s business, ethics and safety record.

Ian McKinnon is an extremely responsible, safety driven person.  He has demonstrated over the last 30 years an excellent safety culture.  Ian is active on the Dive QLD Board and has been for many years.  He is one of the first to take up new technology and new improvements, particularly in relationship to increasing safety.  Ian has been an advocate for increasing our industry’s safety record and improving our reputation worldwide.

I have dived the ex-HMAS Brisbane site with Scuba World and in my professional opinion feel that Scuba World has taken the opportunity to dive one of Australia’s premium dive sites and combined it with what is without a doubt first class service and produced a dive every diver should enjoy at least once.

Over the last 30 years Scuba World has earned a reputation for excellence.  Their attention to detail, diving safety and desire to see every diver leave with a smile is the hallmark of our very best dive operators.  I would put Scuba World right up there in the top 5 dive businesses in Australia.  Excellent service matched with a spectacular dive site.  What more could any diver want?

Col McKenzie
Executive Director
Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators