Dive Charter Terms & Conditions


Scuba World regards a booking as a firm commitment. Your booking is subject to the following terms & conditions.

Full payment must be received to process & confirm your booking.

No refunds will be provided after payment has been accepted. You will receive a credit in the event of a dive charter cancelation due to weather.

If you change the date of your dive charter outside of 48 hours of your departure time you will incur a $20 administration fee.

Cancellations or transfers inside of 48 hours of your dive charter departure will incur a cancellation fee of the dive charter price only. Unless a legitimate medical document can be produced to Scuba World within five (5) business days.If you can produce this medical you will receive an opportunity to re book your dive charter and there will be no administration costs incurred.

It is mandatory that you bring your dive certification card. We will also like to see your log book on the day of your dive.

You will be required to complete a Diver Record form before you dive with Scuba World

You will not be permitted to dive if you haven’t dived within the last two (2) years. You can complete a Scuba Skills Update at a discounted price with Scuba World.

You will not be permitted to dive if you use alcohol or drugs prior to diving.

You will not be permitted to continue to dive if you place your dive computer into error mode.

You agree to abide at all times accepted safe diving practices and  no decompression limits.

Advertised dive destinations are always subject to weather, numbers and safe diving conditions at the site.

Under WH&S law in Queensland you must carry a safety sausage and whistle. You should also carry a dive knife if there is the risk of entanglement on the dive site. These items can be hired or purchased form Scuba World on the day of your dive.

Why do we have this cancellation and refund policy?

When you make a reservation on a dive charter, administration costs are incurred and bookings are made by us with our boat, skipper and dive guides. Scuba World will hold the dive charter place for you and turn others away who would like to book onto your place. With cancellations and transfers, it is unlikely your place can be re-sold.

Cancellations mid-trip are not eligible for partial refunds as Scuba World has already paid for the boat, skipper and dive guides for their service required to run the dive charter.