Stay Fit For Diving – Ian McKinnon

It is now spring and those divers who thought it was too cold to dive in winter are now booking on dive trips. To be comfortable in the water divers need to be reasonably good swimmers. To enjoy recreational diving in a variety of conditions divers need to remain relatively fit. The only way to stay proficient with scuba skills is to go diving. A good rule of thumb is to dive at least four to six times per year.

For those divers who have not been diving for a year or more, a scuba skills update will be required. It is low cost and takes approx. two hours. It is highly recommended those doing a scuba skills update follow this up as soon as possible with a fully escorted dive.

Swimming (at a local pool) with fins is probably the best way to stay fit. If you want to add some fun you can take up underwater hockey. Underwater Rugby is also a possibility. If you are interested in any of the above contact the crew at Scuba World and plan to increase your cardio-pulmonary fitness.