Terms and Conditions

Shark Dive booking terms and conditions

SCUBA WORLD Bookings :: Terms, Conditions & Acknowledgement of Risk

  1. SCUBA WORLD is a booking agent for UNDER WATER WORLD that provide SHARK DIVE adventures to the public. SCUBA WORLD is not the provider of this adventure.
  2. Bookings made through SCUBA WORLD are non-refundable in whole or in part however they are fully flexible and may in most cases be exchanged to be used towards another SCUBA WORLD adventure or gear purchase.
  3. Changing your booking at any time will incur a $50 per person administration fee plus any relevant fees from the adventure operator. Bookings may also be transferred to another person and will also incur a $50 per person administration fee. Changes to your booking require a minimum of 31 days written notice prior to the booked date. No changes are permitted within 31 days of the date of your booking.
  4. If you fail to show at the booked time, or on the booked day, of your adventure we cannot offer a refund or credit.
  5. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that, upon booking an adventure through SCUBA WORLD, they shall sign an Acknowledgement of Risk, wherein the Participant releases SCUBA WORLD from any liability with respect to any injuries, loss or damages which may be sustained by the Participant in the course of undertaking any adventure, whether dangerous, hazardous or otherwise. If you are under the age of 18, you may need to have a parent or guardian sign the Acknowledgement of Risk on your behalf.
  6. The Participant unconditionally agrees to fully indemnify SCUBA WORLD and all its servants, agent’s, clients and employees against any injury, damage or accident that may be sustained by the Participant, whilst participating in adventures booked through SCUBA WORLD or the Entities and Groups who offer various services to SCUBA WORLD and also including adventures won as prizes.
  7. The Participant warrants that he/she does not suffer from any Medical Condition and/or incapacity which may impair the Participants ability to participate in SCUBA WORLD’s adventures and further, that the Participant does not suffer from any Heart Condition, Epilepsy or other Medical Condition which may result in the Participant potentially placing himself/herself in a position of risk, by undertaking adventures booked through SCUBA WORLD.
  8. SCUBA WORLD and its adventure operators reserve the right to cancel an adventure at any time in the event of adverse weather conditions, equipment failure or other reasonable and unforeseen circumstances. In such an event, an alternative date will be arranged with the Participant. No refund will be available.
  9. Certain adventures require minimum participant numbers for the adventure to take place. If minimum numbers are not met, SCUBA WORLD or its adventure operator will contact you to arrange an alternative date.
  10. SCUBA WORLD will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage incurred or suffered by the participant during the adventure.
  11. In the event the adventure is cancelled or postponed for any reason, the participant agrees to reschedule another date or, where possible, exchange for another Adrenalin adventure. Bookings made through SCUBA WORLD are non-refundable in whole or in part.
  12. The Participant pledges that no legal action will be initiated by it against SCUBA WORLD, its clients, its agents, employees, instructors, and/or personnel, due to any accident or injury sustained during the course of undertaking an adventure booked through SCUBA WORLD.