Rob McKinnon’s East Coast Adventure

I was very excited about this trip because I’d heard many great stories about the particular dive sites I was planning to dive. I simply needed a bit of luck with the weather and it was happy days!

Day 1
Seanna and I enjoyed two fantastic dives on the ex-HMAS Adelaide which was scuttled in April 2011, only a few miles off Avalon Beach. The most surprising part about this dive was how different the wreck is compared to the ex-HMAS Brisbane. The deepest point of the ex-HMAS Adelaide is 39m (keel), the shallowest part of the wreck is 12m (top of the mast), and the main deck and flight deck is approx 29m. Nitrox is a must for this dive. The water temp. varies from 15 degrees in August to 24 degrees in January. There was not much fish life around, however it was fun to swim inside the bridge, and pretend you are the captain of a 138m long ship!

Day 2
We had the pleasure of diving one of Australia’s most famous dives – Fish Rock Cave. I was very excited when I entered the water because I had heard such great things about this dive. I wasn’t let down! The cave was an awesome experience with heaps of Grey Nurse Sharks, Wobbygongs, Groupers, Lobsters and a wide variety of fish life!

Day 3
A lot of people I have spoken to haven’t had the pleasure of diving North Solitary Island. This is a MUST for every diver. It’s located off the tiny sleepy town of Wooli (an hour’s drive north of Coffs Harbour). It has the most dense population of anemones in the southern hemisphere. There was amazing gullies, heaps of small marine life, all different types of corals and even a fantastic bubble cave.

Day 4
Julian Rocks, off Byron Bay, is always a special place to dive. It’s a very easy site to dive and navigate. We were spoilt with 25+ metres visibility, warm water (23 degrees) and heaps of marine life inc. the famous Grey Nurse Shark!

This east coast adventure was a real eye opener for me. The trip showed me how different each dive site is even though they are spaced relatively close. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to visit and dive in such amazing locations!

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All photos copyright Seanna Cronin


I dived with the following operators:

Dive Site | ex-HMAS Brisbane Adelaide
Dive Business | Pro Dive Central Coast
Phone Number| (02) 4389 3483
Website |

Dive Site | Fish Rock Cave
Dive Business | South West Rocks Dive Centre
Phone Number| (02) 6566 6474
Website |

Dive Site | North Solitary Island
Dive Business | Wooli Dive Centre
Phone Number| (02) 6649 7100
Website |

Dive Site | Julian Rocks
Dive Business | Sundive
Phone Number| 1800 008 755
Website |