Reef Freedives

Scuba World will provide you with the opportunity to Freedive some of Southern Queensland’s greatest Coral Reef dive sites and see amazing tropical fish.

The depths of the local Coral Reefs range from 6 metres to 30 metres. The dives are suitable for novice Freedivers through to experience Freedivers.

You will see sandstone formations covered with hard and soft corals, numerous ledges, caves, pinnacles and gutters to explore.

Depending on the site: tropical fish, crayfish, sea urchins, anemones, bat fish, mackerel, starfish, sea whips, gorgonians, turtles, stingrays, nudibranches, spanish dancers, cowries, coral trout, small groper and bottom dwelling sharks such as wobbegongs.

Why choose to dive with Scuba World

  • 100% safety record, arguably one of the finest in the industry
  • We only employ staff with 2+ years experience and 100+ dives. This makes all Scuba World staff highly trained, experienced and qualified.
  • Private Marina – depart directly from Scuba World. You don’t waste time traveling to and from public jetties.
  • Closest dive store to the local magnificent Coral Reefs. A short 15 minute boat ride to the dive site


  • Allow three hours for the experience.


  • Dives to the local Coral Reefs depart every Saturday & Sunday morning & afternoon

Additional information

  • Freedive charters are subject to a minimum of 4 Divers or Freedivers
  • Freedive charters are subject to the weather
  • Freediver’s must have dived within the last 2 years of dive date. Please click here for information about Scuba Worlds Freediver skills update course.
  • Freediver must call Scuba World on (07) 5444 8595 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (07) 5444 8595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting the afternoon before the dive to confirm the weather conditions
  • Freediver must fill in a Diver Record form before completing the Freedive