Correct use of a hood when diving by Ian McKinnon

Getting cold in the water is no fun particularly in winter. Smart divers wear a hood-attached vest for extra warmth. The vest gives the diver another layer of apparel while the hood slows the heat loss from the divers head and neck area. Nothing is more unpleasant than being underwater and wearing a hood only to have annoying drops of cold water enter your face mask. The reason this happens is because invariably the mask skirt is not sealing correctly against the face.

When wearing a hood undertake the following:-

  • Pull the hood over your head so that it is snug in place.
  • Put the face mask on making sure the strap is firmly placed at the back of the head
  • Run your index finger underneath the hood at the top and both sides to make sure the hood over laps the mask skirt (not the other way round)
  • Ask your buddy to check the mask skirt is under the hood (optional)

By doing the above water will be kept from entering the mask.