ex-HMAS Brisbane Info

Clownfish dash from their colourful, cascading anemones to greet Scuba Wold’s excited divers, blue and green wrasse join in the celebration in a colourful display. Our resident turtle gracefully forages for food amongst the nooks and crannies throughout the almighty mega structures and huddles in for a relaxing siesta under the forward gun.

Watch Out! Copious octopus eyes watch your every move; scorpion fish smoothly disguise themselves in the all-encompassing coral growth, which conceals every inch of the mighty warship. Can you uncover their magnificent camouflage abilities?

The sandy sea floor is home to flathead, hermit crabs, the occasional lazy leopard shark or shovel nose ray and spectacular soaring bull rays. Venture inside to find majestic lion fish and puffers graciously moving with the gentle flow of the ocean. Massive schools of shiny baitfish part way as you swim through the spacious, awe inspiring sanctum that is the engine and boiler room. Can you keep your composure whilst the excitement of coming face to face with one of the many massive, mysterious Queensland Groupers builds inside?

As you begin your graceful ascent to the warm rays of the surface, pelagic fish keep guard and batfish crowd around for the opportunity to play in your massaging bubbles.

The ex-HMAS BRISBANE is the largest diveable wreck in Queensland. Diving experts agree that the ex-HMAS BRISBANE is one of the best prepared ships to be scuttled anywhere in the world to create an artificial reef. Large holes have been strategically cut along the entire length of both sides of the ship to allow divers easy entry and exit. It is virtually impossible to get lost inside the ship or become entangled.

Scuba World’s vessel ‘Dive Express’ is an 11.3 metre (38ft) custom built dive boat. It has all the features divers look for in a fast, comfortable day boat. The vessel is surveyed to carry 18 divers plus 4 crew; each with their own seat. Complimentary morning tea is served during the one hour surface interval. There is a marine toilet onboard and an outdoor shower.

Half day dive trips (two dives) depart daily. It is a fast, comfortable 20 minute trip from the marina to the dive site.

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