I find the best way I learn is by doing as opposed to reading. However, I’m trying very hard to read as many books as possible to increase my level of knowledge/ ideas so I can implement them at Scuba World. I recently read the book ‘The Eagle Boys Pizza Story’ by founder Tom Potter. In a nut shell, Tom explains how he started the chain in 1987 and then grew Eagle Boys to 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand with an annual turnover of more than $100 million. I couldn’t put this book down! It offers great business solutions to a lot of the problems retail shops are suffering from today.

After I read the book I decided to send Tom an email to let him know how much I enjoyed his book and if he would mind sitting down with me to discuss Scuba World and the ways he thinks it could be improved. Much to my surprise I received a reply (within 24 hours) saying he’d be happy to catch up at his new business venture (he sold Eagle Boys) ‘Crusty Devil’ located in Brisbane.

I have to admit I was very nervous meeting one of Australia’s most successful retailers to talk ‘business’. There wasn’t any need to be. It took no time to realise why he has been so successful! He speaks with passion and confidence. I learnt a lot from our 1 hour meeting. I’ve already implemented suggestions from our meeting/his book that I’ve had compliments from our customers about.

The best part of our meeting was at the end after we shook hands he said if I need help with anything in the future to please pick up the phone and give him a call. He would be more than happy to help me in the future!

This just goes to show what I’ve always been told by my parents. If you want something in life then go after it, you have nothing to lose!

You can buy Tom’s book (highly recommended) by clicking the following link:

You can check out Tom’s new business venture Crusty Devil (again highly recommended) by clicking the following link:

By Rob McKinnon

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