Why is Scuba World’s weather forecast different

You may wonder why our diving forecast is different to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)?

This is because if you check the forecast between Double Island Point and Point Danger, BOM will issue the highest reading from the coast to approx. 30 miles off shore from Double Island all the way to Point Danger.

You MUST BE AWARE that the ex-HMAS Brisbane and our local reefs are only 5 miles off shore. This means that it is not very accurate looking at the BOM forecast from Double Island to Point Danger. We use a variety of reliable weather forecasts that take into account the exact location of our dive sites.

We want you to be safe when you dive with us and of course, have a fantastic experience. Why would we say it is going to be calm and then you book and it’s rough, you will probably never come back….

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Regards, Mike

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