Extended Range – Advanced Wreck

SSI Extended Range courses are designed to take your diving to the next level. Whether you are looking for the excitement of deep diving, going beyond recreational diving limits, significantly extending your bottom time or enjoying the thrill of exploring deep reefs, wrecks and caves, Extended Range provides the training and experience necessary to complete your new adventure with confidence and skill.

Academically you will advance your knowledge and understanding of principles, procedures and theories specific to diving safely with a decompression ceiling. You will adapt your existing equipment or be introduced to new equipment concepts and the technically oriented dive rig. You will also learn and master new skills designed to enhance your safety and enjoyment using this new equipment design. During your program your instructor will cover everything from supreme buoyancy, propulsion and equipment management.

Throughout the program you will increase the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience to “extend your range of diving” in every sense of the word.

Whatever your current level of training, Extended Range Diving will challenge and thrill you mentally and physically.

This program allows limited penetration into the wreck overhead environment. You will learn overhead buoyancy and propulsion skills along with line laying and light usage. The program can be completed wearing a single cylinder with either a pony cylinder or H/Y valve or a technical total diving system.

Your SSI Extended Range Instructor will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Extended Range Instructor
  • Current certification in Apply First Aid, CPR, Oxygen Administration and TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessing
  • 500+ dives
  • 3+ years’ experience


  • SSI Deep, Nitrox EAN 40%, Wreck or equivalent
  • Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent
  • Logged 24 dives including 6 wreck dives
  • Complete a ‘check out’ dive with a Scuba World XR Instructor. The price is simply for the dives (no additional fees to have the XR Instructor with you)
  • Each diver enrolled in the program must complete the watermanship skills evaluation specified for XR Extended Range divers


  • Own all of your own high quality, annually serviced equipment (excluding tanks and certain hoses)
  • High quality SMB (ideally you would use a Halcyon SMB 1 metre  or 1.4 metre with a CC DAM)
  • Spool Reel (ideally you would use a Apeks 45 metre)
  • Hand  reel (ideally the Halcyon Defender Pro 200)
  • Wetnotes (any brand)
  • Primary torch that can mount to your left wrist (ideally a Light & Motion, however any brand is suitable)
  • Secondary torch (ideally a UK SL3 that can mount to your BCD, however any brand is suitable

N.B. An XR Instructor will complete an ‘equipment critique’ prior to your enrolment of this course

PRICE: $795


  1. Internationally accredited certification card
  2. Pool fees
  3. SSI Extended Range Instructor for 4 days
  4. 4 x ocean boat dives at the ex-HMAS Brisbane
  5. Use of rental standard (11.1 litre) tank, pony (2.7 litre) tank, relevant hoses and tank holders
  6. All course materials


DAY 1 | 5:30pm – 8:30pm: Theory & exam

DAY 2 | 7am – 5pm: Equipment workshop, pool

DAY 3 | 7am – 5pm: Dive planning, 2 x ocean dives, complete log books

DAY 4 | 7am – 5pm: Dive planning, 2 x ocean dives, complete log books and finalise paperwork


Advanced Wreck certification entitles the holder to dive with an equally- or more-qualified buddy on no decompression dives, using specialised advanced wreck diving equipment and procedures, into limited penetration overhead environments (within the zone of natural light entering the wreck through the entrance or exit) at depths not in excess of 40m. Dives must be conducted in environments similar to those of the diver’s training and experience. The Rule of Sixths concept of gas management must be applied to all dives.


  • Maximum of 4 divers will be in this course
  • Minimum of 2 divers will be required to start this course
  • Maximum of 4 ocean dives in this course (if you require additional dives to complete this course they will be charged at the standard RRP)

*Price subject to change without notice