Gliding past the forward gun

Trying to find the Octopus around the bow

There are great photo opportunities around the bow of the ex-HMAS Brisbane

Has any diver not done this?.....

This turtle is almost always seen on the wreck

The ex-HMAS Brisbane provides photographers & videographers with amazing opportunities to capture marine life!

Taking a closer look inside the wreck

Gliding through one of the many hallways

When you peer around the corner you never know what's waiting for you...

Although there is external light on the inside of the wreck a torch certainly is recommended to enhance your experience!

There is so much room to move in some of the rooms on the ex-HMAS Brisbane

Red Empror captured under the stern of the wreck

An amazing Eagle Ray cruising on the main deck of the wreck.

A Shovel Nose Ray on the sand in 28 metres of water