Our Dive Boat

Our Dive Boat

Scuba World’s dive vessel is an 11.3 metre Naiad rigid hull inflatable, and has been rated as one of Australia’s most comfortable day boats. Our boat is perfect for diving the ex-HMAS BRISBANE and the close inshore reefs. It is spacious, fast, and has all the comforts divers look for in a boat.

The vessel has a stepped hull and this design provides the divers with the softest ride possible. With a beam in excess of four metres it has plenty of room for divers to move around.

The vessel is powered by twin 250 horse power Suzuki four stroke outboards giving it a top speed in excess of thirty knots and a cruising speed of around twenty knots.

The console is located towards the front of the vessel and this leaves plenty of space down the middle of the boat for seating for all divers and their two tanks.

Tank storage and ease of loading and unloading are crucial to satisfying divers.

Thoughtful planning and careful execution have resulted in a simple, yet effective solution. The custom made black PVC tank racks not only look good, they are fully functional.

Each diver’s personal snorkeling system is located directly under their seat. Weight systems are stowed out of the way directly in front of each diver. Light gear such as caps, sun glasses and jackets can be stowed above the diver’s seat under the canopy.

Diver comfort and safety are of the utmost importance in any dive charter operation. Both issues have been properly addressed with the water entries.

Divers have the choice of either a roll back entry off either side of the vessel or if they choose they can perform a giant stride entry from the rear of the vessel.

Divers appreciate the ease of exiting the water using our two fin friendly ladders.

There is a marine toilet on board and a shower is located at the rear of the vessel.

There are drop down clear side covers at the front of the vessel for wind protection during the winter months.

Your day’s diving will be even further enhanced when you travel on this impressive vessel.