Dare devil divers – Ian McKinnon

Every adventure sport attracts the dare devil types who believe they are bullet proof. Scuba Diving is an adventure sport which is extremely safe when all safety procedures are adhered to.

Occasionally the odd dare devils attempt a dive which can lead to catastrophic results.

Recently a couple of divers planned a dive on compressed air to a depth of 90 metres. The recommended maximum depth for such a dive is 40 metres. The two divers were observed by their friends descending below forty metres heading towards the bottom. All that could be seen were their air bubbles. Then the bubbles stopped. The divers were never seen again.

Divers who feel the urge to dive deeper than forty metres should enroll in an appropriate course and receive training from experts.

Mike McKinnon_Truk Lagoon


Truk Lagoon: San Francisco wreck. Highly experienced divers exploring the deck at 48m.

Photo copyright: Tony Strazzari 2013