Dive Sites

Hanging Rock

Depth: 13 – 19 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
Hanging Rock received its name from an enormous boulder that hangs over a sandy trench. Underneath the rock you can find beautiful sun corals that photographers and videographers love. Watch out for small Moray Eels coming out of the holes.

Lost Canyons

Depth: 10 – 16 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
This site is perfect for new divers or divers looking for a really cruisy dive. It’s very shallow which guarantees a long bottom time and has beautiful soft and hard corals all over the dive site as well as beautiful Nudibranchs and the occasional Turtle.


Depth: 10 – 17 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
It’s virtually impossible to get lost at this great dive site. There are heaps of beautiful Anemones and Clown Fish, lots of cute little Christmas Tree Worms that call this place home. We recommend you check out the mini cave that usually has small Groupers, Wobbegongs and other crush stations.

Old Woman Island

Depth: 5 – 15 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
Dive able in almost any weather conditions. Old Woman Island offers a fun, long dive. Because of its shallow depth it’s not uncommon for a new diver to have a long, enjoyable 45 minute dive. There is a massive abundance of Nudibranchs at this dive site. A ‘must do’ dive site for all photographers who enjoy macro photography.


Depth: 15 – 24 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
The pinnacles is one of the more popular dive sites on the Mooloolaba Coral Reefs. There are 2 pinnacles that rise from the sand in 24 metres. One pinnacle goes to 18 metres and the other rises to 15 metres. This site is very easy to navigate with beautiful corals. The highlight of this dive site is a massive blue anemone.


Depth: 19 – 31 metres
Certification Required: Advanced or Deep
An exciting, advanced dive. There are heaps of bommies that are filled with Crabs, Lobsters, Crayfish, Bugs, Wobbegongs and even boat anchors. As part of our ongoing goal to keep the waterways clean. We often lift anchors, chain and get rid of fishing line that are deemed hazardous to the beautiful marine life.

Ship Rock

Depth: 23 – 32 metres
Certification Required: Advanced or Deep
You would bet your house that this was a ship that was sunk over a hundred years ago. You can make out the beams that show the bow. However, we have been assured that this is simply a reef. There are hundreds of Amenomes at this dive site with beautiful little Clown Fish and baby Damsel fish calling them it’s home.

The Hole

Depth: 15 – 21 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
The hole offers the only safe swim through on the Gneerings (Mooloolaba Coral Reefs). The hole is roughly 3 metres in diameter and drops down to an even larger bowl that resident Wobbygongs and Groupers call ‘home’. After you have swum through the hole it’s off to check out the beautiful wall with heaps of macro marine life.


Depth: 12 – 19 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
Tunnels is a fairly easy site to dive because of its shallow depth. It has a few very small swim throughs. There are usually large cod hanging out inside the rocks along side Crayfish, Moray Eels and countless Baitfish.


Depth: 9 – 16 metres
Certification Required: Open Water
Wonderland boasts a beautiful display of healthy, hard and soft corals. The anchor sits in approx 10m of water, which makes it a perfect site for new divers or those who have not dived for a while. There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore, as well as a mini cave, unfortunately you cannot fit inside it. There are lots of Nudibranchs, Pipe Fish, Clownfish, and Anemones.