August Trivia Night Report

August 6th. Scuba World, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Six fierce competitors get ready to do battle in the best trivia night the Sunshine Coast has yet seen. 4 rounds, 2 rounds of music and movie questions, but only one team could be victorious… who would it be?


John Anderson                      Andrea Frost

Andrew Frost                         Rob McKinnon

Ryan Spence                         Don Hepburn

The night was full of laughs and some serious thinking. Bonus points were given for particularly funny answers, so the comedy was really flowing. (points were taken away for particularly unfunny answers too). All participants had a great night, with the right balance of hard and easy questions being struck.

But there can only be one winner, and thanks to a particularly wonderful round by Mr Rob McKinnon, who correctly named all six of the actors from “Friends”, as well as the full names of all the characters they played, the CLOWNFISH team were successful. Final scores were:

CLOWNFISH: 103/124

JARHEADS: 92.5/124

Thank you to everyone who attended the final Trivia night of 2014. You were such an amazing group and you really did keep it lots of fun. These nights are run twice a year and are a great way to catch up with all your scuba buddies above water, have a few drinks and a few laughs and learn something along the way. Plus, a bit of friendly competition is always welcome!

The next trivia night will be held early next year.